Current Version: 1.0.0
Category: Utilities
Compatible with: iPhone

About "iStatCalc"
iStatCalc is a simple and easy-to-use calculator!

You can simply add a number in a list by pressing “=” button, and / or a number is listed as calculation result. Simultaneously, it displays “summation”, “average”, “maximum”, “minimum”, and “count” of these numbers in the list.

Because a number is listed as entered or calculated, you can keep track of what has been added and you can even go back and access to each number for modification or deletion.

There are also three different types of themes available - Monotone, Green, and Orange! You can choose the theme you wish to see depending on the mood that you are in.

1) "Change settings"
  • ① “TAX”, “Decimal Place”, and “Theme” of the main screen can be changed in
  • “SETTINGS” screen. “SETTINGS” screen can be accessed simply by clicking
  • on the setting icon located on right upper corner of the main screen.

  • ② “TAX” - touching on the text box allows a number pad to slide up from
  • the bottom.

  • ③ “Decimal Place” - moving the slider to adjust between 0 ~ 11.

  • ④ “Theme” - “Green”

  • ⑤ “Theme” - “Orange”

  • ⑥ Touching on the closing icon saves the settings and closes the screen.

  • Theme

  • 2) "Calculation"
  • Each calculation is completed by touching on “=” button and the result
  • is added to the list.

  • Calculation

  • 3) "Directly add a number to the list"
  • A number can be added to the list simply by entering a number and touching
  • on “=“ button. The advantages of doing this is to have the results
  • (Sum, Avg, Max, Min, Count, …) automatically from the numbers listed.

  • Direct

  • 4) "Delete"
  • A number can be deleted individually by swiping the number to the left
  • and touching on “Delete”.

  • Delete

  • 5) "Move"
  • A number can be moved its location within the list by moving a handle
  • right next to the number when it is in “edit” mode.

  • Move

  • 6) "Select"
  • A single or multiple number(s) can be selected in the list. The results
  • of statistical analysis (Sum, Avg, Max, Min, Count, …) only show what is
  • selected in the list. Touching on “ALL” is to deselect any highlighted
  • items.

  • Select

  • 7) "Remove all"
  • In order to clear the number(s) in the list, touch on the trash icon.

  • Remove all

  • 8) "Long Press 1"
  • A number in the list can be modified by using a long press on the number.
  • A long press enables the number to be copied onto the text box where
  • this number can be modified (or calculated: [Long Press2]), and then
  • touching on “=“ puts the modified number back to where it is located.

  • Long Press 1

  • 9) "Long Press 2"
  • see the explanation above 8)

  • Long Press 2

  • 10) "Utilize a number in the list"
  • When a number is to be calculated, a number in the list can be used
  • as a second operand.
  • This is how to do this:
  • 1) Enter the first operand, and followed by an operator (÷, x, -, +).
  • 2) Select on a number in the list
  • → This number is used as the second operand for this calculation.
  • 3) Touching on “=“ button to add this result to the list as a new entry.

  • Use Line Item

  • Support
    For questions or feedback, please contact us here